Pink and Blue World on CD-ROM
A Boy or a Girl?

Pink and Blue World on CD-ROM

The CD-ROM Pink and Blue World is a contribution to the discussion on gender stereotypes and their consequences for life of women and men in our society. It focuses on mapping the issue, its practical development, and also some methodologies. Expert studies on basic concepts and themes of gender theory are complemented by pictures, a colorful collage of scholarly and literary texts, and also various ideas and tips for classroom activities and practical work with pupils. In comparison to the book version of the publication Pink and Blue World, the CD-ROM contains more additional materials.

The expanded CD-ROM version of the publication Pink and Blue World (Gender Stereotypes and their Consequences) was made in 2006 one output of the project ( realized within the EQUAL Initiative of the European Community financed through the European Social Fund. The European Social fund is EU's main source of financial support for efforts to develop employability and human resources and foster equality of opportunities.

Concept of the CD-ROM: Jana Cviková, Jana Juráňová
Editor: Juliana Szolnokiová
Graphic Design and Lay-out: Jana Sapáková
Technical Solution: ENSOF, s.r.o.
Manufactured by: