Pink and Blue World
Selected Materials from the Book

Before We Start.pdf (45 kB) Before We Start
One is Not Born a Woman.pdf (628 kB) Jana Cvikova: One is Not Born a Woman or a Man
Sex and Gender
Experience_and_Stereotypes.pdf (83 kB) Juliana Szolnokiová: Experience and Stereotypes
Social Contexts of Motherhood
Toys_or_Tools.pdf (103 kB) Ľuba Kobová: Toys or Tools?
A Note on Technologies
Girls Need Not Be Afraid of Mice.pdf (56 kB) Girls Need Not Be Afraid of Mice
Tips for Teachers and Parents
Babeta Explores the World.pdf (117 kB) Jana Juráňová: Babeta Explores the World
A Piece of Books for Girls
Teaching_Methods.pdf (221 kB) Teaching Methods
Classroom Activities
Authors_Editors_Organizations.pdf (56 kB) About Authors, Editors and Organizations